Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wow! I'm so behind!

I really need to get better at this, but we have been out of town off and on for the past week. Our kids were on spring break and we traveled to Nashville, TN to visit a couple whom my husband and I have been close friends with since college. It was great to see them and their family. We also got to do a little site seeing in Nashville. We visited the state capitol and the Bicentinnial State Park. We took the kids to the Parthenon replica as well. I'm posting a few of our pictures from trip. The funny thing (or not so funny thing) is that the cold weather followed us from the north to the south and we were walking around in 45 degree weather! Thankfully, since we arrived home, the weather has been beautiful and we are thoroughly enjoying the sunshine!

We were home for two days and then I had three Uppercase Living shows in Massachusetts! We traveled as a family to Springfield, MA where we visited the Springfield Science Museum. One of the highlights was visiting the Dr. Seuss National Memorial (Dr. Seuss was born in Springfield). The kids really enjoyed this leg of our trip but we are all very happy to be home.

So . . . I am in the midst of closing four shows and have two more coming up this weekend!

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