Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Month of Sicknesses!

Luke started it with the croup. This was the second time this winter that he awakened during the night unable to breathe. This time, however, we had the nebulizer available with the appropriate medicines. The next day I took him to the doctor and he confirmed that Luke had croup once again. He has always had a history of having respiratory illnesses ever since he had RSV at 7 months old.

After Luke returned to health, Brad was knocked down by the flu. Ironically, this is the first year the kids and I have ever had a flu shot! Brad has never had the flu and therefore had never chosen to get a flu shot. After spending almost a week in bed, he has now said that he will be the first in line next year to get his flu shot!

This week, Grant has had a severe sore throat. The sore throat started on Friday and he has missed two days of school already. I don't ever remember seeing Grant cry from being in so much pain. After taking him to two different doctors, he was prescribed an antibiotic for a general throat infection. Two different strep tests came back negative. However, he could have an infection similar to strep without actually having strep throat. Grant slept in again this morning but seems to be doing much better and was even able to eat breakfast this morning. This is major progress! I will be taking him to school even if he is a little tardy.

We are hoping that this will bring an end to all the sicknesses in our home for a while. We are definitely ready for warmer weather and better health!

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