Friday, July 24, 2009

5 Things Friday

I am playing along with Jean Stockdale on her blog. Jean has started a "5 Things Friday" and I am excited to participate! So this week's topic is What 5 Things Do You Not Like? So here are my 5 things:

1)Flying in an airplaine. I did not fly until I was a student in college and I always had nightmares about crashing in an airplane before I ever even flew. So even though I've flown quite a bit since college, it is a fear that I try to conquer every time I step foot on a plane. I am sometimes seen breaking out into a sweat or very wide-eyed and alert for any weird noises. Can't control what happens and it is all in God's hands, but I still don't enjoy it!

2)Frogs. I really don't like their hopping and jumping movements. I think they are very ugly and I don't like them. They are right up there with snakes in my book!

3)Small holes or groupings/microscopic pictures. I know this is a very strange thing, and I didn't even know that the fear actually has a name until about two years ago. I wanted to know if other people got "the willies" when looking at holes made in the snow by melting icicles on trees, seeds inside of a cut pepper, etc. The "fear" actually has the name of trypophobia! Look it up!

4)Being touched when I'm sleepy. I want my space and really don't like cuddling when I'm tired.

5)People who toss blame. This just bothers me. I hate the fact that everyone these days is looking for a reason to sue someone else. I don't like it when something is everyone else's fault. What happened to forgiveness and getting along with your friends and neighbors?


Jean Stockdale said...

Thanks so much for joining in the 5 Things Friday blog carnival (or meme-seriously who came up with that name?). I am glad you figured out how to post.

In order to play along, you do not have to post Mcklinky. All you have to do is write your post and then link it to my MacLinky. When others see your site they will click on it and come to your site to read your post. Now IF you want to add MacLinky to your post, that is certainly fine. But you do not have to. I am quite new at this whole meme thing, but it is a good way to build traffic to your site if that is your intent. I am trying to do just in order to enlarge the reach of my ministry to MOMS. Thanks for playing along and stop by anytime. Blessings.

Tee said...

#5 - Well said.