Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Review of MagiQuest in Myrtle Beach

We traveled to Myrtle Beach on June 20th for a week long trip. Yes, we drove all the way from Connecticut to Myrtle Beach!!! What was supposed to be a 13 1/2 hour drive turned into a 20 hour drive because of traffic, traffic, and a few stops here and there. I'm sorry, but you can't convince me that everyone is "hurting" because of gas prices. In fact, we decided that pretty much everyone must have been at Myrtle Beach because it was so busy.

The highlight of our beach trip was MagiQuest! Not sure who loved it more -- Brad or the kids. We spent many hours here. After choosing a wand (some are more expensive than others), you then have the option of choosing and customizing your own wand topper. Luke's was a dragon, Sydney's was a unicorn and Grant . . . hmmmm, I'm not sure what his was supposed to be. The wands are then programmed to gather information when they are pointed toward certain objects on your quest. We initially purchased 90 minutes of play time. You walk into a huge area and get to choose your "quests" from a screen. Then you have to follow clues to finding items to fulfill your quest. When items are found and the wand is pointed at the object needed, the object lights up. Once those items are gathered, you report back to the "screen". This reminded us of an interactive computer game in which you are gathering objects and advancing in levels. The only difference is that with MagiQuest you are walking and exercising. Very fun! There were a few frustrating times when the item would not recognize the wand or when the item was not properly "gathered". We would report back to the "screen" to find out that we never got the item. All in all, however, it was a really fun and rewarding type of entertainment. I was an observer, but Brad played right along with the kids and they all had a wonderful time. Now . . . next time we go to MagiQuest, the computer will have stored all information regarding the completed quests. There are also "Adventures", "Duels", etc. This will definitely be an ongoing event to look forward to in the future.

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Kim said...

I love the Myrtle Beach area, we're heading down in August. I'll have to check out MagiQuest.